Pull Up & Retractable Banners

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Pull Up & Retractable Banners

Pull up banners are very quick to set up, lightweight, retractable and portable making them ideal
solution to advertise your business in a reception area, at trade shows, events, shop fronts or even
at a press conference. Each of our banners include a custom full colour digital print onto polypropylene,
which is heavy duty, anti curl and tear resistant material. The polypropylene print is then fixed into
the associated aluminium banner stand which comes included with a heavy duty carry case.

Our standard pull up banners that we offer are the Traditional and Executive. The Traditional comes
in three different sizes and is a simple construction which is a stand with feet, available only in silver.
Whilst the Executive banner is available in the one size. The base of the Executive pull up banner is a wide
base stand with a single pull up pole that connects to the base. It is also available in black or silver.

We also have a X-Frame display banner, which is a very lightweight spider stand banner, that
contains five poles which connect to a centre piece. It is available in two different sizes and
only in silver.

Pull Up & Retractable Banners
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